Yoga Okoboji

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Yoga is for every “body”

Yoga Okoboji offers a variety of classes and instructors to accommodate all levels. Since 2004, the intention at Yoga Okoboji has been to give you the experience you are seeking, whether you are new to yoga or if you have been practicing for years.  Yoga Okoboji’s mission is to provide an environment for you to learn, grow and relax.  We know people come to yoga for many reasons; doctor orders, pain, stress relief, peace, relaxation, breathing, meditation, fitness, a workout or to just learn something new.   We have a class and instructor that will fit your intention.  It is our mission to provide you with an excellent experience.  Yoga is a process, a path and a journey.  It is physical, emotional and spiritual.   We hope to meet you where you are and move forward with you.  Come visit soon.  With Yoga Okoboji you will benefit from each moment forward.