Ayurvedic Foods & Herbs Lecture & Private Appointments with
Dr. Kamini Kaushal

Dr. Kaushal is from Jaipur, India and has an extensive background in Ayurvedic research and development for healing various forms of Cancer and Diabetes. She is an associate of Dr. Kotecha, who visited Okoboji last August, and is a professor of Ayurvedic Science. She is a MD and PhD.

April 6
Sunday 6 pm – 8 pm $30
Lecture: Foods and Herbs For Your Body Type
Dr. Kaushal will present a lecture on Ayurveda for your body type. What foods and herbs/spices would benefit you. This lecture will include handouts and time for questions. If you are planning to attend, please contact Janine by phone or text at 712-330-5593, by email (http://www.yogaokoboji.com/contact/) or register here (http://www.yogaokoboji.com/classes/classesregister-now/) as soon as possible. We must have a minimum number to schedule the lecture.

April 7 & 8, Monday and Tuesday, Private Appointments with Dr. Kaushal $95
There are ONLY 5 private appointments left! To reserve your spot, please contact Janine by phone or text at 712-330-5593 or by email. (http://www.yogaokoboji.com/contact/)

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is the most ancient science of life. Known as the mother of all medical systems. Currently, Ayurveda is experiencing world-wide popularity as a revival sweeps in all continents. This ancient philosophy employs the application of nutritional guidance, herbal medicines, exercise therapy, meditation and many rejuvenation and purification therapies. The treatment is focused on the type of person who has the disease rather than just treating the disease. It is a patient-oriented system of healing body, mind and spirit.


March 31, 2014