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Exploring Mysteries of the Heart! (http://www.yogaokoboji.com/classes/classesregister-now/)

Melanie Williams (http://melaniejwilliams.com/meet-melanie/) , Mankato
Melanie received her formal training as a teacher from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD in 1974 in Music Education. She has been involved in her own personal growth and self development for almost 35 years and has been teaching and facilitating workshops for 13 years.
Sunday, March 23 2:30-5 pm $40
This course requires registration and payment in advance. (http://www.yogaokoboji.com/classes/classesregister-now/)

Yoga Okoboji is pleased to welcome, once again, Melanie Williams, to guide us towards understanding the energy of our chakras and what they mean for us. Come and join us as we dive deeply into the beauty and wisdom of our heart center chakra. Open a depth within you as you learn to live from the center of your heart, experience a greater connection to your intuition, your wisdom and your creativity. Life feels more gentle as we open to receive the gifts of our hearts and of Life itself! We will do a variety of exercises to move into this energy. Please bring your yoga mat and your journal.
Melanie looks forward to stepping into this magical realm with you! Workshops with Melanie are uplifting and trans-formative. You will be glad you had the experience!

For this course to come to our area, we need you to sign up now! Please register on the website or feel free to call or email 712-330-5593.

Thank you for your continued support and see you in class soon!

March 20, 2014