This Weekend at Yoga Okoboji

August 23
Saturday 3-5 pm
Chakra Workshop with
Janine $30

Chakras are energy centers in the subtle body and used in various traditions including yoga, Ayurveda and acupuncture. In this workshop you will learn about your chakras and experience colors, smells, tastes and movement that can help balance or open your chakras.

August 23
Saturday 7-9 pm
Meditation Workshop with
Janine $30

In this workshop we will discuss the scientific benefits of meditation, how it affects the nervous system and practice three types of meditation.

** August 24
Sunday 1-2 pm
Cost: Donation
Meditation with
Waxela Sananda
Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation
(from Dr. Joe Dispenza)
In this meditation we will focus attention on each of the body’s energy centers (chakras) with the intention to create coherence within and around each center.
Science has shown us that all disease, whether physical, emotional, or mental, begins with incoherence in the energetic field within and around our bodies. By focusing our attention on creating coherence within our energetic centers, we can create wellness in all aspects of our being.
“Your job is to raise the frequency of matter with new information. And we know from all of the research that’s available, along with the experience in our workshops, that if you combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion you will begin to affect matter.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

August 24
Sun. 2 – 3pm
Innate Intelligence…Why the American Lifestyle is “Dumb”
Dr. Adelee Dixon ( $15

Dr. Adelee is a great speaker about health and healing. Some comments after Dr. Adelee’s lectures include:
“I could listen to her all day.”
“She is so engaging and entertaining.”
“She has a way of explaining things so we remember and understand.”

August 23-24
Yoga Study $300

Yoga study is for anyone who would like to learn more about all of yoga. This weekend will focus on lifestyle and ethics. The workshop will include yoga classes, meditation, discussion with a chiropractor, chakra workshop, discussion and chanting. This weekend is part of a 9 part series. After completion of 9 weekends you will receive a certificate that allows you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. Completion of the series can take as little as 9 months or as long as you like. For more information or to register
contact Janine ( .

Hot Power Yoga with Mindy Leinbaugh
Saturday at 9 am

Yoga Basics with Sue Debord
Saturday 10:30 am

Gentle Yoga with Marta Barnard
Sunday 9 am

Hot Yoga with Marta Barnard
Sunday 10:30 am


August 24, 2014