Peace & Progress – October

Progress for the building project:
The 8 foot windows are in and the plumbing and electrical tasks are in progress. Look ( here ( for pictures. We will literally be practicing yoga in the heartland as you will be able to view the cornfields from the studio.

Schedule Changes (
Tuesday 9 am Ashtanga Power – Mindy will lead this class for the month of October
Tuesday 5:30 pm Yoga Basics – Marta will will be subbing for Jean in October as she continues her education with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.
Friday 10:30 am CANCELED

October 26
Sunday 1-2 pm
Cost: Donation
Waxela Sananda

YOU can create your own reality!
If you are feeling tired or stuck playing out the same roles in your life every day, if you are just existing rather than creating your desired life from the unlimited potential that is available to you, then this meditation is for you!
In this meditation, adapted from “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Waxela will guide you on a journey to finding your true self, releasing limiting beliefs, and creating your life to reflect your deepest desires.
October 26
Sunday 4-5 pm $15
Essential Oils Workshop
Janine Gustafson

Learn how to optimize your health using essential oils. Instead of reaching for synthetic medicine with various side effects, enjoy natural plant based therapy for headaches, sore muscles, anger, stress and many other physical and emotional ailments. This will be an enjoyable hour experimenting with soothing and healing aromas while learning how and when to use them. Handouts provided. Purchase orders available after the workshop.

October 25 & 26
Yoga Study $300
Sat 8am-9pm
Sun 8am-5pm

Yoga study is for anyone who would like to learn more about yoga and themselves. This weekend will focus on standing postures The weekend workshop will include yoga classes, breath work, anatomy, chanting, meditation, aromatherapy and discussion. This weekend is part of a 9 part series. After completion of 9 weekends you will receive a certificate that allows you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance ( if you choose. Completion of the series can take as little as 9 months or as long as you like. For more information ( or to register contact Janine ( at Yoga Okoboji.

Okoboji yoga community, let’s represent our corner of the state at the Iowa Yoga Festival ( , October 10-12 in Des Moines! Registered participants, come in for a free shirt of your choice to wear at the conference! Join Janine and Marta at the Iowa Yoga Festival!

Foundations of Movement
Mindy Leinbaugh
Mondays in November
10:30 am $48
Pre-register here (

Never practiced yoga? Want to brush up on the basics? This series of 4 one hour classes will teach you how to gain flexibility and strength through movements that are safe, effective and simple. This class is designed for those who have lost some mobility or are simply looking to increase knowledge and awareness of how the body moves.

In just 4 short weeks you will walk away with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of yoga, breathing and alignment.

Upon completion you will have enough knowledge to be comfortable walking into drop-in gentle or basic yoga classes.

November 16
Sunday 10:30-12:30
Yin Yoga + Live Music
Marty & John – Lila Yoga
$30 advance/$35 at door

Limited spots register early! (

Yin yoga is a practice of slowing down, tuning in and receiving. On the physical level, yin yoga postures use gravity to address the connective tissues of the body, encouraging the release of long held tension and inflammation. On the mental/emotional level, yin yoga provides the opportunity to unwind the stress of past experiences and access the sweetness of the present moment, which is the only place that healing can occur.

This session will be accompanied by the sweet, healing sounds of Lila’s mantra music.

JOHN ARMS is a bodyworker, bhakti yogi, professional dancer, world traveler, gifted musician and recording artist. MARTY TRIBBLE, E-RYT, is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, life coach, bodyworker, spiritual energy artist, musician and recording artist.

JOHN AND MARTY (aka Lila) were drawn together by lila (the playful, guiding nature of the divine) through their mutual love of kirtan, a heart opening practice of chanting the names of the divine. Their devotion to this practice has shifted every aspect of their lives, and set them direct on their path of service as teachers in the bhakti yoga tradition. Join them around the world for retreats, workshops and trainings. Learn more at (
All Clothing 50% off in November!

Do you have suggestions for classes or times you would like to see on the schedule? If so, please let us know ( .

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you in class soon!


October 15, 2014